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A small selection of technical concepts created for Where Cards Fall.

Where Cards Fall
- launch Trailer

  • Art Direction

Pick up the pieces of your past to find the path forward in this dreamlike puzzler. Where Cards Fall is a game about lost connections, change and growth.

Available September 19th, exclusively on Apple Arcade.

  • “A gorgeous puzzle game” - IGN

  • “Incredibly unique” - BGR

  • “Exquisitely detailed” - LA Times

  • “Pushing the boundaries of puzzle gaming” - Esquire

  • “Bursts with color and detail” - Mashable

  • “A thought-provoking puzzle game” - CNN


Sam Rosenthal - Creative Director

Joshua Harvey - Art Director

Yates Holly - Technical Direction

Josh Studebaker - Lighting

Music: Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks by @thenational

Created @TheGameBand