Creative Director, Design
at Buck Design

"Since the 1960s, this adorable elfin clan has been making fudgetastic cookies in a hollow tree. This year, it is our undeniable honor to shepherd Ernie and his band of bakers into 2012 with their first completely CG commercial. A huge thanks to Leo Burnett for entrusting us with this iconic brand... and for the 200 boxes of cookies they sent us in the mail (for reference)." - BUCK

Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson
Producer: Nick Terzich
Associate Producer: Ashley Hsieh
Coordinator: Emily Suvanvej
Associate Creative Director: Joshua Harvey
CG Supervisor: Doug Wilkinson
Animation Director: Steve Day
Art Director: Trevor Conrad
CG Lead: Jens Lindgren
Technical Director: Albert Omoss
Storyboard Artist: Matt Everton
Concept Artists: Trevor Conrad, Joshua Harvey, Paul Tsui, Kenesha Sneed
3D Look Development Artists: Joao Rema, Ana Luisa Santos, Alex Dingfelder, Vincent Lammers, Rie Ito, Aernout van Pallandt, Dickie Payne, Sarah Bocket, Ryan Kirkwood, Samuel Perez, Trent Stroud, Mikey Rogers
Riggers: Joel Anderson, Jens Lindgren
Lead Animator: Dony Permedi
Additional Animators: Matt Everton, Tyler Mele, Tyler Lancaster, Steve Day
Effects Animator: Yates Holley
Matte Painters: Ryan Kirkwood, Daniel Xiao, Tim Matney, Joshua Harvey, Trevor Conrad
Compositors: Rachel Keyte, Ryan Kirkwood, Albert Omoss
Client: Keebler
Agency: Leo Burnett