Clio Gold 2013

2013 ADC Designism Award

2013 Internet Advertising - Best Online Design

2013 ADC Young Guns 11 Award

2013 Montreux Gold Award

First ever, State of Design: Keeping it Fresh Award - 2013

Below are the styleframes I personally created for the project.

I like to get hands on with projects, below are some process videos from my direct involvement.

Goodbooks: Metamorphosis

  • Assoc. Creative Director
  • Design
  • 2D & 3D Animation

For the Goodbooks project I was responsible for leading the creative conversation and technical processes that brought this project to fruition. I also took part in all aspects of production from storyboards and design through 2D and 3D animation as well as coming up with the compositing techniques required for the aesthetic.

String Theory

Directed by Buck

Creative Director:
Ryan Honey

Executive Producer:
Maurie Enochson

Nick Terzich, Alyssa Evans, Emily Rickard

Ben Tucker

Assc. Creative Director:
Joshua Harvey

CG Supervisor:
Doug Wilkinson

Animation Director:
Steve Day

Art Director:
Joe Mullen

Joshua Harvey, Joe Mullen, George Fuentes, Trevor Conrad, Jenny Ko, Jon Gorman

2D Animators:
Joe Mullen, Harry Teitelman, John MacFarlane, Jamal Otolorin, Joshua Harvey, William Trebutien, Matt Everton, Taik Lee, Tristan Balos, Regis Camargo, Kendra Ryan, George Fuentes, Trevor Conrad, Jahmad Rollins, Matthew Wade

3D Artists:
Jens Lindgren, Timm Wagener, Kai Wang, Joao Rema, Albert Omoss, Joshua Harvey, Christine Li, Kelsey Charlton, Ana Luisa Santos

Nick Forshee, Alex Perry, Joshua Harvey, Joe Mullen, Moses Journey, Matt Lavoy, Jenny Ko, Helen Hsu, Elizabeth Steinberg, Adam Smith

Music and Sound Design:

Voiceover Artist:
Thor Erickson

Flash, After Effects, Maya

Good Books

String Theory